I'm on a mission to help knitters make sweaters they can't wait to wear!


You deserve to knit sweaters that fit and look great, and that's what I help you do at Club Crazy for Ewe. 

Knitting sweaters is not a magical talent, or special givt bestowed upon the fortunate few -- It's a skill that anyone can learn. I know, because I've been teaching knitters just like you how to make sweaters they love since I opened Crazy for Ewe in 2004 

I've helped literally hundreds of knitters go from knitting hats and scarves to knitting sweaters with skill and confidence.  They know how to choose yarn and they know what size to knit. They understand knitting  patterns, and they know how to put their sweaters together like a pro.

You can too - I'll show you how

Yes, I want to learn!