You want to knit sweaters but...

  • You're afraid you'll mess it up

  • Sweater patterns look like they're written in another language

  • You tried knitting a sweater, but it didn't go well

  • You're afraid the seaming will look bad and you'll never wear it 

  • You're worried you'll get to a place you don't understand, be frustrated and quit, wasting all that time and money

  • You need accountability, support, and community

 You're in the right place! 


At Club Crazy for Ewe, we'll help you knit sweaters you love! 

Blond woman (Ellen) wearing a pink handknit sweater smiling down at a dog that's looking up at her
Yes! This is perfect - I want to join

Here's what you get in Club Crazy for Ewe

  • Weekly live presentation of sweater topics that take you through the process of knitting a sweater that fits and looks great.  

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with the help you need wherever you are on your sweater journey

  • Knitting Toolbox -- a single source for knitting technique videos and resources

  • Digital on-line courses that walk you through your first sweater from beginning to end 

  • An awesome friendly and supportive community offering inspiration, accountability, and friendship 

Yes! I want this!

Make it Fit

  • Always know what size to knit to fit your body
  • Knit sweaters that are the right length for you.
  • Know for sure your sweater will fit
  • Know how to adjust a pattern for your personal needs and preferences
  • Have access to patterns designed just for you and your body

Know what to do

  • Choose the right yarn with confidence
  • Be crystal clear on what the pattern saying. 
  • Learn what you need to know that they're not telling you
  • Confidently work through instructions like "at the same time" and "repeat as for left, reversing all shaping"
  • Finally complete through those sweaters you put aside because you were stuck,

Finish like a pro

  • Take the steps while you're knitting, that make finishing a snap
  • Know how to make three different kinds of seams and when to use each. 
  • PIck up stitches and make borders and bands with ease
  • Actually look forward to, and enjoy, the finishing process 
  • Having a wardrobe of sweaters you knit that you can't wait to wear.  

Knit sweaters with confidence


Fun to knit means that you love the process of knitting your sweater. 

Knitting is wonderful and relaxing, but not if you're worried about how it will turn out.  It's no fun if you're not sure what you're doing, if you simply don't understand what the pattern says, or you feel alone in your journey.

Fabulous to wear means that you can't wait to put it on every day

Your sweater needs to fit.  Not just that you can get it on, but that it's the right size everywhere,  It's comfortable, the color is great, and it suits your personal style, whether that's casual, dressy, classic, sporty - whatever  

With Club Crazy for Ewe, you'll gain the skills and the confidence to create a beautiful wardrobe full of sweaters you absolutely love, and you'll have fun doing it.  

In Club Crazy for Ewe

  • Get answers to your questions at weekly live Q&As
  • Meet new friends in the community
  • Learn the tips and tricks that make sweaters look professional
  • Access library of recorded videos
  • Be part of a wonderful community that shares your love of sweater knitting
Yes! I want to be part of this!

Fun to knit ~ fabulous to wear

There's no bigger thrill for a knitter than to be able to respond to a compliment on their sweater with

"Thank you, I knit it myself"

I'm Ellen Lewis, and I've been knitting sweaters since 1983 and helping knitters like you do the same since 2004.  I'm on a mission to build an army of confident knitters creating a wardrobe of sweaters they can't wait to wear!

Club Crazy for Ewe is where that happens. 

Are you ready?

~to make sweaters that fit

~to finish your sweaters with professional polish

~to take your sweater knitting to the next level

Join others like you in Club Crazy for Ewe and get started today

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