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The Ultimate guide to knitting your first sweater

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In Your First Sweater Class you'll learn:


How to get started right - before you begin knitting

You'll learn how to read a pattern, how to choose yarn, how to work a gauge swatch, and how to change needles if your gauge is off.  You'll learn how to choose a size, and you'll understand what is meant by ease in a pattern. 


You'll have guidance at every step

From casting on perfectly to working from a chart and binding off your neckline, you'll learn all the tricks that patterns just assume you know.  Things like where and how to join a new ball of yarn, how to make a tidy neckline bind off, and much more. 


You'll learn the basics of professional finishing

Good finishing is a huge part of knitting sweaters you're proud to wear.  You'll learn how to join your shoulders neatly, how to block and seam your sweater pieces.  You'll learn how to pick up stitches so your necklines and armhole edges look perfect every time.

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You + Your First Sweater Class = everything you need to get started knitting sweaters

Maybe you've thought sweater knitting was too hard - only for expert knitters.

Or maybe you're just worried it won't fit, or  you won't be able to finish it properly.   

Either way, Your First Sweater Class will teach you the basics and give you everything you need to knit a cute first sweater. 

You'll have so much confidence and be so proud after this class!

  • This simple top will show you that making a sweater is not much harder than making a scarf.    
  • You'll learn all the basic techniques used in sweater knitting and construction.  
  • You'll be ready to tackle more complicated sweaters with sleeves, shaped necklines, and more.

A note from Ellen...

Hi there, I'm Ellen!  I've been knitting sweaters since 1983, and since 2004, I've been helping knitters just like you make sweaters they're proud to wear.  

I created this course to take the mystery out of making garments and to empower even beginners to knit a simple garment.  if you can knit a scarf, you can make this top. 

You'll love being able to work at your own pace and watch each lesson as many times as you need. And if you need help, it's the click of a button away.  

Whether you're  new to sweater knitting altogether, or you've just never knit a pieced garment, you'll learn a lot, gain confidence, and be ready to tackle other more complicated patterns.  

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  • A simple, easy to follow plan for selecting yarn, swatching, and choosing a size.
  • Having clear, specific step by step instruction and demonstrations of every technique you can watch over and over again. 
  • Feeling confident that you have the skills to knit garments you're proud to wear.  



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What's Included


#1- An easy to follow pattern and step by step guidance for every part of the process.

This course assumes only that you know how to knit and purl.  We teach you everything else, from how to choose the right yarn, how to decide what size to make, how to do the finishing, and how to weave in the ends. 

#2- Detailed close-up videos of every technique used to make this top. 

There are dozens of videos demonstrating everything from reading and understanding a garment pattern, swatching accurately, and choosing a size, to blocking, seaming, picking up stitches, and weaving in ends.  

#3- Email access for any questions you might have as you go along. 

If you get to a spot and are not sure about an instruction or technique, just click the link on the lesson and ask your question.  I'll get back with an answer and have you back on track super quick.

The Result? 

Absolute success on your very first sweater.  Just follow along and before you know it you'll be wearing it and saying, Thank you, I made it myself!"

The Result? 

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How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You've made enough scarves, hats, and shawls and are ready to  make a garment
  • You are confused by the language of knitting patterns and how gauge works.
  • You'd like to get confident seaming and picking up stitches
  • You're tired of wasting time and money trying to figure it out on your own
  • You want a step by step program that  assumes no prior sweater-knitting experience

Not for you if:

  • You're not interested in knitting garments for yourself or anyone else. 
  • You are thoroughly comfortable with every aspect of knitting seamed garments, including gauge, ease, chart-reading, and picking up stitches.
  • You prefer to figure things out by trial and error.
I'm Ready

Here's What Others Are Saying...


I define myself as an Advanced Beginner knitter.  When I signed up for this class, I had knit several accessories and two sweaters.  The first sweater was not a success; the second was at wearable. but not great.  I enrolled in the “My First Sweater” class because I needed to know that all my time and effort was going to result in a sweater that I would be proud to wear.  This class was all I hoped for and much more.  The videos are exactly what is needed to see the execution of a specific skill and to also see how a stitch or technique looks in the fabric of the exact sweater being knit.  This reinforcement is a tremendous learning aid. The organization of the class allowed me to gain a more thorough understanding of what is done when, and most importantly, why it is done.
I was surprised that I had so much to learn about the steps needed before the first stitch is cast on. Other important techniques that I learned were blocking and finishing. This course is organized so well. I have knit a few items since the class and I often refer to the videos to remind me how to do things. It is a huge confidence booster to have this knowledge base to use over and over again. This class and the individual videos are as much a part of my knitting now as my notions bag!


I decided to take the class mostly because I like the Keisha design. I was impressed by the thoroughness of this course. The organization in small sections is very helpful. Ellen has a wonderfully clear and relaxed teaching style that is very reassuring. She is so pleasant in explaining basics without ever being condescending. I learned new techniques of seaming that differed from what I had been taught years ago and brought my knitting to a more polished level.

I highly recommend this class for knitters who want to create their first sweater and also for more experienced knitters like me. Ellen makes learning fun. .

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Knit your first sweater now

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Yours Today!


One time payment

  • Exclusive pattern
  • Step by step videos
  • Answers and support by email.