Questions about the club?  

Of course you have question.  Here are a few Q&A I've had come up.  If you have others, please let me know.

I have never knit a sweater, and I'm not sure I can do it

Even if you have never knit a sweater before, you can totally succeed in Club Crazy for Ewe. We will take you one step at a time from where you are to a finished sweater you're proud to wear.

In addition to weekly Q&A, you have access to "My First Sweater Class" that will take you through the basics on a simple sleeveless sweater

I've been unhappy with sweaters I made before.  How is this different?

In Club Crazy for Ewe, you'll get get the guidance you need to use your measurements to knit sweaters that actually fit. . You'll understand ease and how to choose the right size to knit for your body and your preferences  You'll learn how to adjust sweater patterns as needed to make them perfect for you.

I know how to make sweaters, but I hate finishing them.  Can you help with that?

Yes, absolutely. Good finishing is the difference between a sweater that looks professionally hand-crafted and one that doesn't. You'll learn professional finishing from blocking to weaving in the ends, and everything in between. You'll learn the tricks to use while you're knitting  that help make finishing easy and fun.

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 Is this just a bunch of videos I could find on YouTube?

Not at all.  At the heart of Club Crazy for Ewe, is my live guidance and mentoring every week as you knit your sweaters. As questions at our weekly flock talks and get the help and support you need for any aspect of your sweater. 

If I can't attend a live meeting, will I miss all the information?

No. Every event is recorded and available for viewing afterwards. If you have a specific question you want to ask during a session, but you won't be able to attend, you can send me your question ahead of time and I'll answer it during that session. 
You can also search the videos by topic and find additional discussions 

I am hard to fit. Can I make a sweater that fits me?

Absolutely! The beauty of a hand knit sweater is that you can make it to fit you exactly - without having to do hard math!

You'll learn best practices for great fit regardless of your shape and size. Plus you'll have access to resources that generate a pattern just for your body 

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I'm an expert knitter - what can I possibly gain from this membership?

As an accomplished knitter, you will enjoy our Mastermind Group where other accomplished knitters like you can brainstorm about complex techniques and challenging sweaters. 

You'll also love hearing from industry pros, and having a community of like-minded knitters to hangout with, and maybe form your own KAL groups.

I only knit sweaters in the round. Do you help with that?

Sure. While I am personally a fan of seamed sweaters, there are plenty of beautiful sweaters worked in the round, both bottom up, and top down. I will help you get a great fit and a flawless finish plus I’ll share with you my favorite seamless construction methods and designers

I want to join.  Can I just join now?

 Yes, you can join Club Crazy for Ewe to be a Founding Member through Friday, August 6, 2021. You can join now and be part of the creative process  

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I have a bunch of sweaters in process - I need help

You will love the PhD (Projects half Done) program.  We help you sort out your PhDs, decide which one you want to focus on, figure out where you are, and help you get it done.  Either way, we've got your back.  

You mentioned swag...

I'm super excited to share special yarn tastings and other goodies from my favorite yarn brands for Club Crazy for Ewe. You'll get a little something each season and other little special goodies throughout. 

I have a ton of stash yarn - can I use it on projects in Club Crazy for Ewe?

Yes, absolutely. We will help you choose yarn for your projects whether it's from your stash or from our shop!